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Airdrop snapshots

The Genesis Airdrop, initiated by the Archway Foundation, serves as a means of giving back to active Cosmonauts while helping to distribute the ARCH token supply more widely. Snapshots were taken for selective chains, each capturing the timeframe from the genesis of their respective chains until 1/16/2023 at 18:03 UTC, following the phi - golden ratio principle.

Cosmos stakeDrop

The snapshot for the Cosmos airdrop targets stakers within the Cosmos ecosystem. Eligibility required a stake of 25 or more ATOM delegated across any number of validators. However, tokens that were delegated to the validators listed below were not considered in the interest of promoting decentralisation:

  • Two validators from Coinbase
  • Two validators from Binance
  • One validator from Kraken

A total of 141,614 addresses from the snapshot will participate in the airdrop, with 29,412,980 ARCH tokens to be distributed among these addresses. The allocation is 1:1 for staked ATOM between 25 and 2000, averaging about 207.7 ARCH per wallet.

Axelar bridgeDrop

Axelar Bridgedrop employs a unique airdrop mechanism. The snapshot for the Bridgedrop captures the state of all the assets bridged between different blockchain networks using Axelar's cross-chain communication protocol.

To be eligible for this airdrop, a minimum of €5,000 must have been bridged via Axelar. A total of 7,250 addresses were captured in this snapshot for the airdrop, with a collective distribution of 2,900,000 ARCH tokens. Each participating address will receive an equal allocation of 400 ARCH tokens.

Terra (classic) devDrop

Terra Classic Dev Drop focuses on rewarding developers who have contributed to the Terra ecosystem. To be eligible for this distribution, you must have deployed a contract on Terra Classic. A total of 6,416 addresses have met this criterion, making them eligible for a share of the 2,566,400 ARCH tokens set aside for the airdrop. Each of these addresses will receive a uniform allotment of 400 ARCH tokens.

Testnet devDrop

Similar to the Terra Classic Dev Drop, the Testnet Dev Drop focuses on rewarding developers who contributed to the Archway testnet ecosystem. In order to be eligible, your address must have been used on either the constantine-2 or Torii testnets in the past. Due to the nature of this being a testnet, some state history has been lost over time so some addresses may not be present but everything that could be recovered is present. Each qualifying address will receive a distribution of 25 ARCH tokens. With a total of 36,061 eligible addresses, this amounts to a distribution of 901,525 ARCH tokens.


The airdrop will be claimable shortly after Archway mainnet genesis to all active participants via Archway Connect. Check if your address is present in the snapshots now via our Address Eligibility Checker tool.

A total of 191,342 addresses qualify for the airdrop, which will distribute 35,753,330 ARCH tokens. This leaves a balance of 14,246,670 ARCH tokens available for future airdrops.