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Requesting Testnet funds

If you're working on a testnet you'll want testnet $ARCH for paying gas costs to deploy your dApp code on chain.

After creating an account, get its address and request funds using the command:

archway faucet

Example output:

Enter an address to receive Testnet funds (e.g. "archway1x35egm8883wzg2zwqkvcjp0j4g25p4hed4yjuv"; Or, hit <enter> to list accounts): archway1gtmpktrrnu2qwnweyulwptv6wukd3edpxugkznRequesting faucet funds to account archway1gtmpktrrnu2qwnweyulwptv6wukd3edpxugkzn...
{ transfers: [ { coin: '10000000uconst', status: 'ok' } ] }Requested funds to archway1gtmpktrrnu2qwnweyulwptv6wukd3edpxugkzn on network constantine-1 using faucet https://faucet.constantine-1.archway.techSuccess! REQUEST SENT