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Interacting with your contract

Now, let's try querying and transacting with our deployed contract.


Queries read from the blockchain. They don't modify anything stored on chain, so they don't cost a fee.

There are several types of queries we could do, but a common type we're interested in is contract-state, which we'll call in smart mode. This lets us run queries with arguments, as opposed to dumping the entire contract data or metadata.

If we query the count before modifying any state, we get the value we set during instantiation:

archway query contract-state smart --args '{"get_count": {}}'


Attempting query...

Why was the query argument '{"get_count": {}}'?

If we open src/ and inspect the function pub fn query, we'll see the case matching statement that matches our JSON query:

pub fn query(deps: Deps, _env: Env, msg: QueryMsg) -> StdResult<Binary> {  match msg {      QueryMsg::GetCount {} => to_binary(&query_count(deps)?), // Here it is  }}

Note: QueryMsg is an enum with the GetCount property, defined in the src/ file. It's good to be aware of the format here, as the enum attribute is uppercase without spaces in Rust, but lowercase with snake case when converted to JSON arguments. This is controlled by the attribute #[serde(rename_all = "snake_case")] right above the QueryMsg definition.


Transactions write to the blockchain and cost a gas fee for modifying a contract's state securely.

By default, gas estimation mode is auto, but you've got granular control. To modify gas settings edit the gas values inside the network object of your config.json. However, for most cases, the default gas settings are preferable.

To increment our counter value, we'll be executing a transaction that calls the function pub fn try_increment in src/ This function is already public, but the transaction execution is handled by the function pub fn execute in src/, which does pattern matching to call try_increment.

Sending an Increment transaction:

archway tx --args '{"increment": {}}'

Example output:

Attempting transaction...
Send tx from which wallet in your keychain? (e.g. "main" or ctrl+c to quit): my-walletEnter keyring passphrase:gas estimate: 115945{"body":{"messages":[{"@type":"/cosmwasm.wasm.v1.MsgExecuteContract","sender":"archway1j6aldkw59usszphp2jc9jlczxjzc76jdzspf8a","contract":"archway1mkymgyhkdly5enpeq7tlyntnxvl539qnam2v3d","msg":"eyJpbmNyZW1lbnQiOnt9fQ==","funds":[]}],"memo":"","timeout_height":"0","extension_options":[],"non_critical_extension_options":[]},"auth_info":{"signer_infos":[],"fee":{"amount":[{"denom":"upebble","amount":"116"}],"gas_limit":"115945","payer":"","granter":""}},"signatures":[]}
confirm transaction before signing and broadcasting [y/N]: y{"height":"689581","txhash":"FE6CA15FB3B8295A7FFC0AA3FC307E6FE31E2AB606EB58774C2668CC1CACF6E8","data":"0A090A0765786563757465","raw_log":"[{\"events\":[{\"type\":\"execute\",\"attributes\":[{\"key\":\"_contract_address\",\"value\":\"archway1mkymgyhkdly5enpeq7tlyntnxvl539qnam2v3d\"}]},{\"type\":\"message\",\"attributes\":[{\"key\":\"action\",\"value\":\"execute\"},{\"key\":\"module\",\"value\":\"wasm\"},{\"key\":\"sender\",\"value\":\"archway1j6aldkw59usszphp2jc9jlczxjzc76jdzspf8a\"}]},{\"type\":\"wasm\",\"attributes\":[{\"key\":\"_contract_address\",\"value\":\"archway1mkymgyhkdly5enpeq7tlyntnxvl539qnam2v3d\"},{\"key\":\"method\",\"value\":\"try_increment\"}]}]}]","logs":[{"events":[{"type":"execute","attributes":[{"key":"_contract_address","value":"archway1mkymgyhkdly5enpeq7tlyntnxvl539qnam2v3d"}]},{"type":"message","attributes":[{"key":"action","value":"execute"},{"key":"module","value":"wasm"},{"key":"sender","value":"archway1j6aldkw59usszphp2jc9jlczxjzc76jdzspf8a"}]},{"type":"wasm","attributes":[{"key":"_contract_address","value":"archway1mkymgyhkdly5enpeq7tlyntnxvl539qnam2v3d"},{"key":"method","value":"try_increment"}]}]}],"gas_wanted":"115945","gas_used":"98755"}

Why is the argument '{"increment": {}}'?

If we open src/ and inspect the pub fn execute function, we'll see a pattern matching statement that matches our JSON argument:

pub fn execute(  deps: DepsMut,  _env: Env,  info: MessageInfo,  msg: ExecuteMsg,) -> Result<Response, ContractError> {  match msg {    ExecuteMsg::Increment {} => try_increment(deps), // Here it is    ExecuteMsg::Reset { count } => try_reset(deps, info, count),  }}

Note: enum attributes again are converted. ExecuteMsg::Increment {} becomes {"increment": {}} in the CLI.

If our {"increment": {}} transaction succeeded and we query count again, it will have increased by 1:

archway query contract-state smart --args '{"get_count": {}}'

Now outputs:

Attempting query...