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Node Configuration

By default, the init command creates your ~/.archway directory with subfolders config and data. In the config directory, the most important files for configuration are app.toml and config.toml. You can configure your node via editing these files.

The basic configurations are included in this document. For more details about configs, review the app.toml and config.toml files.


The various parts of the config.toml configuration file:

proxy_app = "<PROTOCOL>://<HOST_ADDRESS>:<PORT>"

ProxyApp is the TCP or UNIX socket address of the ABCI application, or the name of an ABCI application compiled in with the binary.

moniker = "<A_CUSTOM_NAME>"

Moniker is a custom human-readable name for this node.

genesis_file = "<PATH_TO_GENESIS_FILE>"

Path to the JSON file that contains the initial validator set and other metadata.

priv_validator_key_file = "<PATH_TO_VALIDATOR_PRIVATE_KEY>"

Path to the JSON file that contains the private key to use as a validator in the consensus protocol.

[p2p]laddr = "tcp://<IP_ADDRESS>:<PORT>"

where laddr is the address to listen for incoming connections in the peer-to-peer network.


The various parts of the app.toml configuration file:

[api]address = "tcp://<HOST_NAME>:<PORT>"

where address defines the API server to listen on.

[grpc]address = "tcp://<HOST_NAME>:<PORT>"

where address defines the gRPC server address to bind to.