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Joining a Network

Cleaning up

Let's first cleanup our network. This is needed if you already have a genesis file.

rm -rf ~/.archway

This command will remove all data and configs you already set.

Initialize the node

Run the following command to initialize the genesis file which is required to establish a network.

docker run --rm -it -v ~/.archway:/root/.archway archwaynetwork/archwayd:$NETWORK_NAME \
init my-validator --chain-id my-chain

Retrieve the Genesis file

Download the genesis file from a validator node:

curl -s "$RPC_ENDPOINT/genesis" | jq '.result.genesis' > ~/.archway/config/genesis.json

Initialize account

Create a key to hold your account. Once you run this command, your may be prompted with a password dialogue. Please enter a new password for your account.

docker run --rm -it -v ~/.archway:/root/.archway archwaynetwork/archwayd:$NETWORK_NAME \
keys add my-validator-account

Join the network

Start the archway and join the network

docker run --rm -it -v ~/.archway:/root/.archway archwaynetwork/archwayd:$NETWORK_NAME \
start \
--p2p.seeds [email protected]_Name_OR_IP1:PORT1, ..[email protected]_Name_OR_IPN:PORTN \

Joining a testnet

To initialize a node for existing testnets, you'll need the parameters for the Chain ID, RPC Endpoint and P2P Seeds. See the Networks page to find parameters for all networks currently available.