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Joining a Network

This guide will show you how to join your node to the available Archway networks.

Please review the Archway Network page for the network information needed to complete this guide.

Cleaning up

To remove any previous previous genesis file and configuration that you have used, let's first cleanup our network.

rm -rf ~/.archway

This command will remove all data and configs you already set.

Initialize the node

Now run the following command to initialize the genesis file which is required to establish a network. In this guide, we will also show example of connecting to the Constantine Developer Testnet.

docker run --rm -it -v ~/.archway:/root/.archway archwaynetwork/archwayd:$NETWORK_NAME \
init my-validator --chain-id my-chain

Constantine Example

Using Docker, here is how to initialize the node for the Constantine Testnet:

docker run -v ${HOME}/.archway:/root/.archway  init munshi --chain-id constantine-1

Retrieve the Genesis file

Since we deleted any earlier genesis files, we now need download the genesis file from a validator node:

curl -s "$RPC_ENDPOINT/genesis" | jq '.result.genesis' > ~/.archway/config/genesis.json

Constantine Example

Below is the command to connect to the RPC Endpoint of the Constantine network to download the Genesis File

curl -s |jq -r .result.genesis > ${HOME}/.archway/config/genesis.json

Initialize account

Create a key to hold your account. Once you run this command, your may be prompted with a password dialogue. Please enter a new password for your account.

docker run --rm -it -v ~/.archway:/root/.archway archwaynetwork/archwayd:$NETWORK_NAME \
keys add my-validator-account

Constantine Example

docker run --rm -it -v ~/.archway:/root/.archway archwaynetwork/archwayd:0.0.5 \
keys add my-validator-account

Join the network

Start the archway and join the network

docker run --rm -it -v ~/.archway:/root/.archway archwaynetwork/archwayd:$NETWORK_NAME \
start \
--p2p.seeds [email protected]_Name_OR_IP1:PORT1, ..[email protected]_Name_OR_IPN:PORTN \

Constantine Example

Below is the command to join the Constantine testnet

docker run -v ${HOME}/.archway:/root/.archway -p 9091:9091 -p 9090:9090 -p 26656:26656 -p 26657:26657 -p 1317:1317 \ 
start \
--p2p.seeds [email protected]:26656