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What is cosmwasm?

CosmWasm is a smart contract platform written as a module that can be integrated into any blockchain built on top of the Cosmos SDK. In simple terms, it is the Cosmos (Cosm) way of utilizing WebAssembly (Wasm), hence its name.

Rust is currently the most widely used programming language for CosmWasm. In the future, other programming languages, such as Go, may also be utilized. Read CosmWasm’s launch article here.


  • Getting Started provides hands-on training, guiding you through modifying, deploying, and executing a smart contract on a blockchain. It is the ideal place to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the system without delving too deep into coding.
  • Architecture explains much of the high-level design and architecture of CosmWasm. It is crucial to understand the mental model and capabilities of the system before designing products with it. However, if you prefer to learn through coding, you can skip this section and revisit it as needed.
  • Smart Contracts explores the various components that make up smart contracts and how they interact with the wider CosmWasm environment.
  • Tutorials demonstrates the development of smart contracts from zero to production with step-by-step explanations, code snippets, scripts, and more.

Additional resources

In addition to this documentation, there are also many valuable resources available to aid you in your CosmWasm journey. Some of these include:

We extend our gratitude to the Interchain Foundation for financing a significant portion of the development efforts that led to the production of CosmWasm.

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