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This page provides a list of Archway networks and their configurations. Additionally, you can find information on all Archway networks and IBC related configurations by visiting the following GitHub repository:

Triomphe (Mainnet)

Archway's mainnet, the value-capture chain.

Constantine (Supported Testnet)

Stable testing network for dapp developers building dApps.

Titus (Experimental Testnet)

Experimental testing network for core sdk developers testing out the newest features baked into Archway network.

Torii (Community Testnet)

Removed from the Developer CLI

Archway core contributors will no longer run validators for the Torii network, so it's up to the community to keep the network alive. However, since we are no longer running validators for the network, there are no reliable public RPC endpoints available. Therefore, we have decided to remove the network from the Developer CLI as of v1.4.0.

Community maintained testnet that has been used for completing incentivized testnet challenges. No incentivized challenge is active at the moment, and Torii will probably be deprecated in the coming future.