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Developer Tools FAQs

In this section we address some common questions that developers using the archway tools may have.

How can i limit a query to transactions sent from a specific address?

You can filter with the Archway daemon using the following:



archwayd query txs --events 'wasm._contract_address=<contract-address>&message.sender=<address>' --node

You can also filter based on the RPC API query using the following:



How can I query the bank module and filter for a particular action type?

You can use the events flag and filter events based on various actions, for example:



archwayd query txs --events 'message.action=/' --node

How can I convert an address from one network to another?

You can get a network address from an address of a different network via Javascript using the CosmosJS library @cosmjs/encoding which you can find inside the arch3js. The following code snippet shows how to convert from a JUNO address to Archway:

import { fromBech32, toBech32 } from ""@cosmjs/encoding""const { data } = fromBech32('juno1xxxyyy...')const archwayAddress = toBech32('archway', data)"

How can I query paginated data?

To query paginated data, append the --page 1 flag to the command for the page you required, where 1 in this example signifies the first page. By default 100 records are returned per page.

How can I output data in JSON format?

To output data in a JSON format, you can append the --output "json" flag to the command.