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Minimum consensus fee overview

Understanding the minimum consensus fee is essential when transacting on the Archway Network. This guide will provide an explanation of what the minimum consensus fee entails and how to obtain this information.

Minimum consensus fee definition

The minimum consensus fee is the lowest required amount that a user must pay in transaction fees. Transactions with a fee amount lower than the minimum fee will be declined.

The minimum fee protects the economic model of Archway by preventing the incentive to send low or no fee transactions in order to gain higher dapp rewards.

This minimum fee is displayed in one gas unit, for example, 0.002 uarch. The client should query the fee before submitting a new transaction.

Minimum fee calculation

The minimum consensus fee is calculated for each new block and displayed in one gas unit, such as 0.002 arch. The formula for calculating the fee is as follows:

(Inflation Block Rewards / Block Gas Limit * Transaction Fee Rebate Ratio - Block Gas Limit) + Contract Premium

  • Inflation Block Rewards - Inflationary rewards per block
  • Block Gas Limit - Maximum gas limit per block
  • Transaction Fee Rebate Ratio - Ratio of split fees between validators and dapps
  • Contract Premium - Flat fee set by the contract creator. If this value is not set, it will not be included in the calculation.

Querying the minimum consensus fee

Use the query below to obtain the estimated transaction fee for a given transaction. This will return the minimum consensus fee for the current block:

 archwayd query rewards estimate-fees [gas-limit] [flags]

Example query



archwayd q rewards estimate-fees 1 --node --chain-id archway-1 --output json | jq -r '.gas_unit_price | (.amount + .denom)'

Try it:

archwayd q rewards estimate-fees 1 --node --chain-id archway-1 --output json | jq -r '.gas_unit_price | (.amount + .denom)'
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