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Join a network

To join one of the available networks running on Archway, you have the following options to choose from:

  • Synchronize from genesis: when syncing from genesis, the node downloads and processes the entire blockchain history starting from the very first block (the genesis block). This method is the most comprehensive and secure, as it independently validates each block and transaction. However, it can be time-consuming, particularly for well-established blockchains with a long history.
  • Synchronize with state-sync: quickly sync to the current blockchain state without processing the entire blockchain history. With state-sync, the node downloads a snapshot of the current state from a trusted source and then begins validating new blocks. State-sync is faster than syncing from genesis, but it relies on trusting the source of the snapshot. This method is generally considered secure if you can trust the source, but it might be less secure than syncing from genesis.
  • Synchronize from snapshot: from a snapshot is similar to state-sync but involves manually downloading a snapshot of the blockchain state and importing it into the node. This method is also faster than syncing from genesis, but it comes with the same trust issues as state-sync. It is essential to verify the integrity and authenticity of the snapshot before using it.