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Managing Rewards

This guide will go through how rewards are managed on the Archway Network by explaining the important fields and operations needed to track and receive rewards.

Contract Metadata

Contract metadata provides information to the Archway Network about the contract owner and the address to which rewards should be sent. The metadata has three specific parameters:

contract_address - The address of the deployed contract.

owner_address - The address of the contract's owner. This field can be both an account or contract address.

rewards_address - The account address that will receive the contract's rewards. This field can be either an account or a contract address. Tokens are sent to this address after executing the withdrawal function. If this field is not set, the contract will not receive rewards.

All above addresses are bech32-encoded.

Setting The Contract Metadata

The contract metadata must be set up by using the MsgSetContractMetadata transaction which a contract admin must sign.

{  "contract_address": "archway14hj2tavq8fpesdwxxcu44rty3hh90vhujrvcmstl4zr3txmfvw9sy85n2u",  "owner_address": "archway12reqvcenxgv5s7z96pkytzajtl4lf2epyfman2",  "rewards_address": "archway12reqvcenxgv5s7z96pkytzajtl4lf2epyfman2"}

Updating the Contract Metadata

The owner_address is the only address that can update the metadata of a contract. This could either be an account or a smart contract's address. Updates are completed by using the MsgSetContractMetadata transaction.

If the owner_address is a smart contract, updates to the metadata can only be performed by using the WASM bindings.

Reward Storage

The rewards owed to a specific contract are stored as a separate record on the blockchain. To receive these rewards, a withdrawal operation must be executed. Developers can also track these rewards by using the RewardsRecord object.

Tracking Reward Amounts

The RewardsRecord object is used to track the rewards that have been calculated for a specific rewards_address.

Example Request - RewardsRecord

archwayd q rewards rewards-records "${rewards_address}" --node "${node_url}" --output json | jq .

Example Response

{  "id": "1",  "rewards_address": "archway12reqvcenxgv5s7z96pkytzajtl4lf2epyfman2",  "rewards": [    {      "denom": "uarch",      "amount": "10000"    }  ],  "calculated_height": 100,  "calculated_time": {    "seconds": 1660591975,    "nanos": 0  }}

id - Each Reward Record has a unique ID. This can be used to only withdraw certain reward records.

rewards_address - The account address that will receive the contract's rewards. Tokens are sent to this address after executing a withdrawal function . If not set, the contract will not receive rewards.

denom- The token type/denmoination. uarch is the default token of the Archway Network.

amount- The calculated reward amount.

calculated_height - The block height of the rewards when the rewards were calculated.

calculated_time - The block time of when the rewards were calculated.

Withdrawing Awards

After rewards are calculated, a withdrawal operation must be executed before they are sent to the rewards_address.

The withdrawal operation is completed by using the MsgWithdrawRewards message.

Only the address set in the rewards_address can claim the rewards.

Example Request

archwayd tx rewards withdraw-rewards --records-limit 100000 --from "${rewards_address}" --node "${node_url}" --chain-id "${chain_id}"

record_limit - Is the maximum number of the Reward Records that be withdrawn. If the limit is 0, the default limit is used in the withdrawal.

record_ids - If you want to withdraw specific Reward Records, an array of those ids can be included.

reward_address - The reward address that has been set in the Contract Metadata.

node - Endpoint of the node to be connected to.

chain-id - The Archway Chain ID that the contract is on. A list of the available chain IDs can be found here.


If the Withdraw Rewards operations is successful, the response will show the number of reward records processed and the total amount of rewards that have been transferred to the rewards_address.

Querying Outstanding Rewards

To track what rewards have not been withdrawn and sent to the rewards_adress, use the below command:

archwayd q rewards outstanding-rewards "${rewards_address}" --node "${node_url}" --output json | jq .

Go to the Rewards Reference page for more information on the availabled queries and parameters connected to the rewards.

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