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Tech Stack

Archway leverages the Cosmos SDK, IBC and CosmWasm, providing developers everything they need for their dapps.

Cosmos SDK

The Cosmos SDK is a generalized framework for constructing secure, interoperable, and customizable blockchains.

The Cosmos SDK simplifies the process of building applications-specific blockchains by offering pre-built modules and allowing for their customization, as well as the creation of new ones. As the Cosmos SDK focuses on modularity and interoperability, different features of the blockchain can be customized while being able to easily interact with other Cosmos SDK based chains.


The Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC) facilitates communication and data transfer across different blockchains. It allows separate blockchains to exchange information while maintaining their own governance and security properties. This communication is crucial for a solid Web3 infrastructure.

IBC can connect any pair of blockchains, whether public, private, permissioned, or permissionless, as long as they conform to the IBC protocol. This cross-chain interoperability allows for the transfer of any kind of data or asset between distinct chains, thus creating a wide network of interconnected blockchains.

You can learn more about IBC and its importance here.


CosmWasm is a smart contracting framework which is designed to provide a secure and efficient way for developers to write smart contracts in Rust and compile them into WebAssembly (Wasm) binaries. Using Rust's strong typing and memory safety features, contracts CosmWasm can rely on a secure design, while also providing the efficiency of WebAssembly.

CosmWasm easily interact with blockchains built with the Cosmos SDK, and one of its key features is its compatibility with IBC. It also ensures that contracts are secure and efficient, using Rust's strong typing and memory safety features, and the speed and flexibility of WebAssembly.

You can learn more about CosmWasm here.