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Developer CLI

The Developer CLI is the recommended tool to build, deploy, configure, instantiate, query, and interact with smart contracts on the Archway blockchain.

We've introduced version 2 of the CLI, which now boasts a stable release and offers numerous enhancements over its predecessor:

  • We've removed archwayd as a dependency, facilitating a more straightforward installation and flow. This change also boosts speed and efficiency.
  • Commands have been restructured, and new sub-commands have been introduced.
  • We've added commands to query and withdraw rewards, ensuring a seamless experience when managing rewards.


Make sure you've installed and configured all dependencies. For the full installation and setup instructions, visit the docs.

If you are on a Linux machine with a distribution different from Ubuntu, you may need to install the GNOME Keyring, or any other keyring compatible with the Secret service API.

Installing CLI

To install the Developer CLI, run the following command:

npm i -g @archwayhq/cli


For a detailed overview of the various commands, refer to the README file in the Archway CLI repo.

Import devnet into CLI

For builders looking to test their dapps on the new devnet (titus-2) and prepare for the v5 upgrade, simply execute the following command to import the titus-2 chain into the Archway CLI:

curl -fsSL '' | archway config chains import

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