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Set up using the developer tools

Set up a wallet by using the developer tools, such as archwayd, archway cli and arch3js.

Using the Archway Daemon

The command to add a new account using the archwayd daemon is:

archwayd keys add <account label>

Where <account label> represents a human-readable label for your account. Account labels help keep track of which account is which, especially pertinent if you're managing multiple Archway accounts.

Example account creation:

archwayd keys add mycoolwalletEnter keyring passphrase:- name: mycoolwallet  type: local  address: archway1cnfpa4n3pnrdfsrj3glmnq08u64mfmgu7nym9t  pubkey: archwaypub1addwnpepqgr0thwj5f4yvmndeqzxw3fvc6avchgvkyufrm5uvmguqjys8zj4guqdpyh  mnemonic: ""  threshold: 0  pubkeys: []**Important** write this mnemonic phrase in a safe place.It is the only way to recover your account if you ever forget your password.# Mnemonic seed words here...


After securing your mnemonic, you can delete your bash history to ensure no one can retrieve it.

history -crm -rf ~/.bash_history`

Similarly, you can use the developer CLI (which is a wrapper of archwayd).

Using the Developer CLI

Creating an account with the developer CLI is similar to using the daemon (archwayd), but has the benefit of making it easy to switch between Dockerized and native-built versions of Archway core. You can look at the archway CLI as a wrapper of archwayd, with additional functionalities for smoother use.

  1. install the archway CLI
  2. Create a wallet with the Archway CLI