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Delegating with the developer tools

You can delegate either by using the archwayd or the developer CLI.

Delegate via CLI


Install the developer CLI and create a wallet

Connecting to the network

In order to delegate your stake you have to either run your node or you can connect to a trustworthy operator.

Malicious operators could return incorrect query results or censor your transactions. However, they will never be able to steal your funds, as your private keys are stored locally on your computer or ledger device. Possible options for full-node operators include validators, wallet providers or exchanges.

in order to connect to the network you need to:

Config CLI

If you are not running a node, you can configure your machine as a client. First, remove any archway node data if there is any:

rm -rf ~/.archway/*

You can set the default value for the node you are connecting to. If you want to connect to a node running on the Constantine network, you can use:



archwayd config node

Finally, you can set up the chain ID of the network we want to interact with



archwayd config chain-id archway-1

Send funds

In order to delegate you need to send a delegate transaction to a validator by launching:

archwayd tx staking delegate <validator-operator-address> <amount-to-bond> --from <your-key-name>

Find Validator's Operator Address

You can query all the validators and pick the one we want to delegate tokens to it by launching:

archwayd query staking validators
pagination: {}validators:  - commission:      commission_rates:        max_change_rate: '0.100000000000000000'        max_rate: '0.100000000000000000'        rate: '0.010000000000000000'      update_time: '2021-10-12T20:15:35.967858491Z'    consensus_pubkey:      '@type': /cosmos.crypto.ed25519.PubKey      key: X1LGMAY8dToCgBuMIMpctn20Fwenim2YTGoY9Y2J+To=    delegator_shares: '1000000000.000000000000000000'    description:      moniker: my-validator    min_self_delegation: '1'    operator_address: archwayvaloper14gxqxpxulxssv7pr4kltr9tl5dujtestxvjhkp    status: BOND_STATUS_BONDED    tokens: '1000000000'    unbonding_time: '1970-01-01T00:00:00Z'

As you can see in the example, currently there is only one validator and its operator address is archwayvaloper14gxqxpxulxssv7pr4kltr9tl5dujtestxvjhkp

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