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Setting up environment

You can choose to either set up a local testnet or connect to an existing network. For easy testing, the Archway Constantine testnet is available for deploying and running your contracts.

To set up a local testnet, see Running a Local Testnet. For details on the available Archway networks, see the Networks page.

The Constantine testnet utilizes the aconst native token, which is required for paying transaction fees. To obtain these free testnet tokens, see the Requesting Testnet Tokens page.

Install prerequisites

We have put together an Installation guide to help you set up all the necessary software tooling for developing CosmWasm smart contracts on the Archway network.

You can access the Archway networks through the following methods:

  • Install archwayd and interact with the network via the CLI. For an overview of archwayd, see Archwayd CLI
  • Use the Archway Developer CLI npm package, which acts as a wrapper around rustc, cargo, archwayd and cosmwasm-rust-optimizer.
  • Building a Javascript app using arch3.js which functions as a wrapper for the CosmosJS library.

Set up your IDE

A reliable IDE is essential for developing smart contracts using Rust. Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is a highly popular IDE for software development. For more information on setting up VSCode for CosmWasm development, see the Integrated Development Environment Setup guide.

Setting up wallets

To execute transactions using archwayd and the Archway Developer CLI, you need to set up an Archway account. The Project Setup guide will walk you through creating an account using the Archway Developer CLI.

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